When bed time gets into you…

This is the post excerpt.

You know what I believe in. I believe that once we are dead- our souls won’t go anywhere, not in heaven or hell, not in purgotory, not as another creature, and not in afterlife. I believe that once we are no longer existing in this world, we won’t have the abilty to ask ourselves- I do call “oursouls”. Even though oursouls wants to ask questions badly, we wont have the ability to get that pleasure. It feels like we’re definitely gone- seriously gone gone. If we are definitely going to be gone gone- dont you think that everyone should enjoy every single moments, appreciate little things and thankful for every blessing that comes in their way?


Journal…at work

I am a huge fan of journals but writing a journal for work is amazing! At first, it was kind of weird cuz everyone does it. But it actually help us to become more specific with our goals for upcoming week and do some self-reflection. Which I do really need to help me think. However, overthinking gets into you sometimes.