When bed time gets into you…

This is the post excerpt.


You know what I believe in. I believe that once we are dead- our souls won’t go anywhere, not in heaven or hell, not in purgotory, not as another creature, and not in afterlife. I believe that once we are no longer existing in this world, we won’t have the abilty to ask ourselves- I do call “oursouls”. Even though oursouls wants to ask questions badly, we wont have the ability to get that pleasure. It feels like we’re definitely gone- seriously gone gone. If we are definitely going to be gone gone- dont you think that everyone should enjoy every single moments, appreciate little things and thankful for every blessing that comes in their way?


It hurts

It hurts cuz I did not see this coming

It hurt the moment I knew, I began to die a little

It hurt when everything seems going well, then the glass started breaking

It hurt cause it’s a slap on my face- very straightforward

It hurts cuz the decision was made in the morning- not a even a day to think about it

It hurts cuz I wonder why

It hurts cuz I’ve tried to be myself- was caring, loving, and truthful

It hurts cuz I was true and real – trill

It hurts cuz I never thought he would say those words- not even 1%


It struck really hard on me. Really hard.

Dream vs. Actions

I have been wanting to find a new job and keep telling everybody about my goal but where’s the action? Where’s the motivation? Seriousness? Fun? and Inspiration? 

Outdoor distractions: weather that gets too dark early makes me so lazy. Coldness and smoking. Him. Spending too much time? Not used to it. Team hustle. Swamped.

Solutions: practice to get up early. Start my day being productive. Set specific time of this is what you’ll do and not do. Make sure when Im working, just working. When its time for him, then just him. 

This week goal: I will apply to 10 jobs (Monday) at 5p. 

I will apply to 10 jobs 5p (Tuesday)

What inspires me? Him. But he’s dead inside me. Why? Didnt work out. Question now, how will I keep this inspiration going? What excites me? My mom has work very hard and now its time to help her out-seriously. No more playing games. Mom will be the reason why I will accomplish this challenging mission emotionally and physically. 

December is coming up and I will have to apply to as many jobs I could find. No more laziness. Time is running but make sure enjoy and have fun. Smile. 


When you start losing hope, it is good to understand that it is only part of challenges, reflections, and learning from your mistakes. Believe that you can overcome it. If trying to be thoughtful is not helpful, try listening the song entitled “I Can Go the Distance.” Those emotions are currently taking over and leading to negativeness. Yes, I agree that it is easy for you to say that but you dont know it feels like— Hello, I do. It gets really into you for sure. But dont let it get into you. You are strong and capable of overcoming struggles and obstacles. I KNOW YOU CAN DO IT. 

Revolution to save the PlanetĀ 

Many are aware that our planet is currently screaming like a loud siren due to political, economic, environmental and moral issues. These issues are expanding on account of poor unethical decision making, aggressive strategies, lack of education, awareness, and knowledge.

I believe I cannot save the whole planet myself, but I know that the impact has to start from me. Isn’t riding by your own rules? I’ve got to go out and kick ass.

Someone like myself- to demand equality and rights for uneducated and people.

Someone like myself- to take actions by helping and supporting organizations that are currently trying to save the planet. 

Someone like myself- to act and save the environment due to human activities and their actions by showing and spreading the importance of saving the planet. 

Someone like myself- to be the voice of unity, peace, love, sympathy, respect, and trust to one another in order to protect poor innocent people and future generations. 

Someone like myself- to teach current generations the lesson and importance of humanity.

Someone like myself- I practice the reduce, reuse, recycle method. 

Someone like myself- educating people but not in an aggressive manner. 

Someone like myself- helping at the local plant nursery.

But most importantly voting, when it comes to legislation that affects the environment. 

People want to believe they made decisions themselves and were not coerced in guilt tripped into doing things. 

Meaning, everyone should be accountable for leading good actions to any consequences, unity, and love for all. 

I do not see any reasons how hard this could be. Sometimes people are just making their lives difficult and why not try to ask themselves, “What can I do differently to create a better result?” We are all leaders of tomorrow. Treat everyone fairly and look after them.

One Way Ticket

Cat has nine lives and dont you wish that we should get the chance to live longer as well? Look at this posted photo, I believe that we only have one way ticket in life. What would you do with that ticket? Would you enjoy and do all the impossible? If we do only have one way ticket, why does people has to suffer? Why infants or even unborn children has to die during early stage of their lives? Dont you think thats a little unfair? Bottom line- never hesitate to do what you love or what I mean (dont prejudge). Always ask questions. Never stop curiosity inside you. 

Journal…at work

I am a huge fan of journals but writing a journal for work is amazing! At first, it was kind of weird cuz everyone does it. But it actually help us to become more specific with our goals for upcoming week and do some self-reflection. Which I do really need to help me think. However, overthinking gets into you sometimes.